the infinite

About the name

Well, because the idea is: let's write a framework/program that also a monkey could understand how to use it!
While searching an acronym for the project, i found that the initials forms an italian name of a monkey. That is: it was perfect for the project. It fitted exactly what was my main purpose!
For other considerations, see the next question

Why write a project?

There are very few programs around the web that have to deal with Combinatory Logic. As you may check it out, the few programs that you can find lacks of these main features:

  • Often they are quite inusable
  • They are not flexibles
  • They are not portable (sometimes they are applets)
  • They are not extensible (all of them lack of comments in the code!!)
What can we do with these? So it was rised an idea: why don't write a generic project to work with combinatory logic?